We’re the most fearless, perceptive, cut-through-the-clutter-and-win-over-your-donors case creators in North America…


Tom Ahern

Our only goal is to help your cause make more money by improving your donor communications

Tom is in great demand as a case writer, crafting up to 10 cases a year for clients who want drama crossed with intense donor-centricity. He literally wrote the book on case statements.You may have read it. It’s called Seeing through a Donor’s Eyes. The New York Times recently called Tom “one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.”

Maggie Cohn

Maggie writes to cajole, enlist, exhort, convert, and seduce people to do good. (If she was taller, she could just boss people around.) Her specialty is getting people to open their hearts to her—to share their feelings about what they care about and why. There’s no better input for fantastically persuasive copy. 

John Lepp & Jen Love

Agents of Good exists to celebrate the amazing work of your donors. Big and small. Our goal has been to collaborate with other inspiring, arm-waving and fierce “agents of good” to give donors a voice in conversations. We aren’t an agency and we promise not to spew any jargon at you. We work with passionate fundraisers like you, along with brilliant folks like Tom, Maggie and Andrea. And together, we change the expectation of what it means to be a donor to your cause. #micdrop

Andrea Hopkins

Here’s what Andrea does for every case, annual report, or website she designs: tells an attention-grabbing story that moves readers. Here’s what she doesn’t do: merely make each page pretty. Andrea uses images, type, and color to persuade your donors exactly as a writer uses words and punctuation. The seamless marriage of design to story makes the message twice as powerful. And Andrea’s work is beyond great, whether she’s in elegant, emotional, or laugh-out-loud mode.