Read the  letter ,  lift note , and  reply form .  Copy and design by Maggie and Andrea.

Read the letter, lift note, and reply form.
Copy and design by Maggie and Andrea.

Morningside Ministries is a rare and wonderful CCRC (continuing care retirement community) for elderly residents in San Antonio Texas. It’s special because the people who live there are genuinely happy to be living a this community where they live vibrant, interesting lives cared for by compassionate staff. It’s the kind of place you’d feel great about sending your own elderly mom.

When they asked for help with their year-end appeal, we created a direct mail pack that looks and sounds friendly and relatable, with a cover letter from the CEO and a lift letter from a charming and grateful resident.

The results were dramatically better than the previous year’s appeal. Despite reducing the size of the mailing list by more than 80%, revenue increased by 44%.

Fewer letters mailed, more money raised!