At your service

  • Intelligent capital-campaign cases that answer the “3 Big Questions”

  • Clever pre-launch feasibility cases (“Let’s see what our top prospects think...”)

  • Messaging (“Do we really need a case right now ... or should we be looking at talking points?”)

  • Multimedia messaging (“Digital and print: How does it all play together?”)

  • Case research (modesty aside, we field the best interviewers anywhere)

  • Donor newsletters and magazines (we already teach the rest of the world)

  • Direct mail appeals (where many of us first learned how to sell extremely well)

  • The best annual reports your donors will ever encounter (we prefer to call them “gratitude reports,” so the emphasis is on the donor)

  • Campaign micro-websites (wed love to build one for you!)

  • Integrated communications, digital and print (ambitious campaigns need “integrated”)

  • Audits of your donor communications

  • Coaching

  • Speaking and Exhibitingteaching, masterclass-ing, webinar-ing, exhibiting … all the above. We travel the world sharing knowledge and advice gathered over several lifetimes.


Our goal?
To create eye-catching, heart-thumping, page-turning communications that are so unexpected, intriguing, moving, and inspiring that your donors won’t want to put them down.