When you want to raise more money



Are your donor communications riddled with unsuspected flaws that in fact reducegiving? (Yikes!) Spoiler alert: most donor communications are that bad, in digital and print.

Our unique (and occasionally painful) Case Writers audit will tell you for sure if your existing communications are currently built to succeed ... or (sorry!) to fail. There’s nothing else like The Case Writers’ audit in the global fundraising industry.

We don’t do “half-audits,” either.

Sure, we deliver criticisms and insights, as you’d expect. But you’ll also learn how to correct the communications stuff that isn’t working, with detailed instructions.



... to bring your communications to the next level of lucrative.

Our custom coaching trains your in-house talent to excel at donor-centered communications ... at any pace that works for them and you. And we work exclusively on your “stuff.”

Would you pay $10,000 to raise an additional $250,000? Case Writers’ coaching can deliver an outstanding return on your investment.

Give us a call. Audits and coaching don’t cost all that much ... to build a remarkably effective donor communications team in-house. (Beware, though: Once your staff is trained to The Case Writers’ standard, other charities will want them badly ... so make sure you pay well!)