Copy and design by Agents of Good.  Read the entire report here.

Copy and design by Agents of Good. Read the entire report here.

Oregon Zoo Foundation

Our objective was simple:

  • Create a gratitude report filled with donor love, thanking donors for their incredible support

  • Share a story that demonstrates donor impact—how donors make the Oregon Zoo’s world-class conservation research, animal exhibits and educational programs possible

  • Help donors feel inspired by the crucial role the Oregon Zoo plays in the community, and illustrate how donors are at the heart of the Zoo

We spent a lot of time with the amazing team at Oregon Zoo, led by Charu Uppal and Julie Fitzgerald, talking about #donorlove, the role of a “Gratitude Report” vs. an annual report, and why donors deserved a piece that told a common story in a non-traditional way.

We won’t lie. There were a lot of difficult conversations that were had—needed to be had—to get to the final result for this project. But change never comes easily.

And, the Zoo’s donors deserve it! As do your donors. They are tired of seeing and hearing the same old boring things from you.

Our concept was to create a picture/scrap book about Asian elephant conservation. We were focused on showing donors a side of the Zoo they had never heard or seen before.