Case Statement  copy by Leah Eustace.

Case Statement copy by Leah Eustace.


Adolescence is a challenging time. Between the ages of nine and twelve, we hover between childhood and the teen years. Research has shown that this is a time when kids are particularly vulnerable to the world around them. At the same time, there are fewer resources available for this age group.

Through their Kid Coaching programs, Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK) has had a tremendous impact on children by encouraging them to develop their leadership and life skills. Many who've been through the program describe their participation as a pivotal moment in their lives, and have gone on to be both community and national leaders.

But FPK recognizes that they can do more. By expanding their programs into additional underserved neighbourhoods they’ll amplify the impact of young people to lead initiatives to strengthen their communities. What was needed was a strong case for support to help them get there.

This was the first big campaign, and first case for support, for this small non-profit based in Toronto, Canada, so it was critical to get it right. Working with FPK’s leadership team, a case was developed that has helped the organization strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and raise much-needed funds to expand their work.

Last week I gave the case to probably the highest net worth individuals FPK has ever talked to about our work and they loved it!
— Rickesh Lakhani, Executive Director, Future Possibilities For Kids